This large riding arena and barn complex in Spring Bank just outside of Calgary was a very basic building when we first begin working on this project for these fantastic clients. There was 0.25 inch styrene insulation in some areas where it hadn’t yet fallen out of the trusses but there was essentially no exterior wall insulation and no heating or ventilation. Our renovation program included a complete exterior roof and siding conversion from the existing asphalt interlock shingles, to a new seamless full span metal panel system as well as the replacement of the original fibreglass skylight panels throughout. In fact, this newly renovated building boasts over 1000 square feet of skylights throughout the riding arena itself, making the natural daytime lighting in the summer months surprisingly sufficient.

On the inside, we added premium mildew resistant R40 Batt insulation throughout the riding arena to take full advantage of the new high output natural gas radiant tube heating system which we supplied and installed to heat the entire riding arena evenly and efficiently, preserving the dirt base in this important area. Because the winter days are so short and the winters so long, all lighting was upgraded from the existing fluorescent tube lighting to premium LED lighting throughout.

The finished product is a transformational example of the true potential of these aged and deteriorated buildings.

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