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We’re proud to serve Western Canada with a full range of Agricultural metal roofing, siding and exterior services. From start to finish, we work to ensure an enjoyable and stress free process. With extensive agricultural, ag-commercial and aeronautical industry experience, we’re well positioned to accommodate any metal roofing, siding or exterior project involving animals, valuables and/or custom equipment including airplanes, helicopters as well as a wide variety of storage and operational facilities.


One of our passions has become the restoration of pioneer era structures. Heritage barns, quonsets and grain elevators are all well loved in many families. We take special pride in working on, with and around these buildings. We understand that these buildings carry a sentimental value, so we always treat these aging pieces of history as if they were our own. Our roofing, siding and exterior renovation process greatly increases the strength and structural integrity of these buildings as well.



This photo represents the result of a fairly basic roofing, siding and exterior renovation which is completed at a fraction of the cost to replace this type of building.

Steps & Phases

It’s important to keep in mind, that budget accommodation and a genuine understanding of financial realities is a constant focus in our daily operations. Regardless of the size or desired end results, we will plan and manage your metal roofing or siding project in steps and phases, appropriately accommodating any financial hurtles. Efficient roofing, siding and exterior project design is part of what we offer our clients. This photo a great example of a well planned work in progress. The doors, siding and exterior components will be renovated in the future but in the meantime, this barns’ structural integrity is permanently protected by the new metal roof system.


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